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Extra Ordinary Scenic Spot At Qigu Salt Mountain Of Tainan

Qigu Salt Mountain is the most scenic and probably the most popular attraction in Tainan. Located in Qigu District where the are is well known for its history in generating salt and the place for rich mineral substance that its total contribution in the economy of Taiwan.

There are 2 salt mountains in Qigu District, the major mound and the north mound. The major bound has more visitors which is 60,000 tons of salt left over and is about 20meter tall, the top of the salt mountain offers great view of the area.

Qigu salt mountain have been popular and is widely reported in newspapers feature sections and magazine due to its extra ordinary salt formation of mountain. 

Different mascots are placed in the very top of the salt mountain, these mascots symbolizes strength to any climber going up.

There were other activities nearby the salt mountain like bumper boats, go-karts and doo-doo trains, there is so called Salt Mart where you can buy a salty ice-cream which is only available in Qigu.

How to go to Qigu Salt Mountain?
Take a train going to Xinyin Train Station or Tainan Train Station then ride a bus bound for Jiali. From jiali, take a Xinnan bus bound to Qigu and drop off at Salt mountain bus stop.

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