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Malware Found On Photo Editing Apps Using Android Devices

According to a Taiwanese IT security company, some beauty and photo editing applications downloaded from Google Play Store for android devices contains malware that risk the data security of the user.

The malicious software inside the applications direct the user to a porn site that required to provide personal information. There are several of photography editing applications implanted with malware that display malicious ad content, as per Trend Micro.

If someone will fall to the malicious ad or content, they will instantly have your personal information like phone number, address and other sensitive information after clicking the ad. Some of the malicious applications were downloaded several times with users from Asia were the exposed ones.

The using photo editing and image beatification, some of the image were stolen and used to create fake social media accounts and other illegal purposes.

This issue have been taking action by Google Play Store managers to remove this kind of applications and advised users to install anti-virus software or applications to block this kind of malware attack.


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