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Exploring The World To Satisfy The Curiosity Of A Taiwanese Blind Traveler

Even though I’am blind, as long as I make my way bravely forward, I can do anything a sighted person can do” – Chen Nan-ting

Chen Nan-ting is a Taiwanese blind traveler that explored different attractions in different cities of the world, a loss of her eyesight did not discourage her to feel the world she explore.

Chen loss her eyesight when she was 9years old after she was diagnosed with Steven-Johnsons syndrome for a year. After the illness she became completely blind.

Now in her 50’s, Chen have travelled to United States, Asia, Europe and Oceana as she experience the places through walking, biking and running which she done in tandem. She also runs in marathons in Hawaii, Kinmen and Matsu Islands and have ridden a tandem bicycle in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture.

“Feel the atmosphere of places through touch, smell and hearing,” “My parents other gift to me was taking me travelling,” “Adventures make life enjoyable. A sense of sight is not necessary for travel as there are also the senses of touch, smell, taste and hearing” according to Chen despite her blindness.

Chen collects miniatures of popular tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris she also tasted and smell as she visited wineries in Europe. She also ride camels in the desert of Mongolia and according to her “See them by touch”.

(image from CNA)


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