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5 Top Buys At Shopping Paradise Of Underground Taipei City Mall

Looking for some cheap price for souvenirs or for your personal use? The long Underground Taipei City Mall will suffice your needs. This is not as grand as the Taipei 101 Mall or any other malls in Taiwan but this one surely bang your bucks as items at the underground are more affordable with the same quality.

The underground mall is 800meter long and divided into different sections. Here are the top 5 buys of consumers:

1. Game Consoles
There are abundant of game consoles in the underground mall from latest versions of Playstations, X-Box, Nintendo and many more with those gaming peripherals. Even the 19thCentury’s Family Computer is still available here.

2. Collectible Anime Figures and Toys
Anime figures are highly collectible in Taiwan from those fine details to the normal one and characters from different popular anime like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto can be seen here.

3. Musical Instruments
Another great buys are musical instruments like guitar, piano and drums are also seen in the underground mall. There are also rare finds like violin, ukulele and harps and do not forget to play some samples.

4. Souvenir Shirts, Bags and Shoes
If you are looking for souvenirs the underground mall offers you cheap and very affordable prices of shirts, pants, shorts bags and shoes in any kind. Shirt with printed “I love Taiwan” and the likes are available for only NT$100.

5. Accessories
Different kinds of body accessories and jewels from necklace, bracelets to watches. Always check the originality of the item although those class A items have lower price.

There are coffee shops and restaurants along the long city mall and also some live performances from local group that performs singing, dancing, harp playing and others. There are lot of buys that for sure you can have a lot. The Underground Taipei City Mall is almost below the Taipei Main Station.

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