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5 Things You Should Know About The Longshan Temple Of Manka In Taipei

Longshan Temple or (Lungshan Temple) is the well-known temple in whole Taiwan located in the old village of Wanhua District in Taipei. Near Longshan temple is the historic Bopilao Old Street, Huaxi Tourist Night Market and the popular Snake Alley. Here are the 5 things you should know about Longshan Temple:

1. It is more than 300 years old

It is one of the oldest structure and temple in all of Taiwan, it is built in 1738 for the Chinese settlers, it is not long enough to hit its 400 year marker as the temple stood still in any natural disasters and war as a test of time.

2. It is a temple for everyone

There not only one religion in Longshan Temple as its also called the worship house where religions like Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian faith and deties like Mazu. The matchmaking God is also in the temple for any single in status that hopes for a partner or couple for road to forever.

3. It survived all the World Wars

During the World War, it is heavily damaged by bombers during the raid on Taipei after the accusations of Japanese controlled territory are hiding weapons inside the temple, the statue of Guanyin still stood after the war.

4. It is always lively

Since different religions worship in the temple, it tends that people go in the place at any given time. It is more crowded during the holidays, added to its lively surroundings were the tourists and visitors.

5.  It has tremendous detail structure

Residents continue to renovate and improve the temple and its surroundings as it represents the pride of Taiwanese. The details of the temples are very artistic, check those dragons on the roof of the temple which are really amazing.

How to go to Longshan Temple?
From Taipei Main Station, ride the MRT Blue Line and get off to Longshan Temple Station and walk thru your right side upon exit. There is always a huge crowd going to the temple.

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