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List Of Airlines That Accept Applications Of Pinoy K-12 Graduates

The  visible aspects of a flight attendant or a cabin crew's job is the safety demonstrations and serve passengers, but this kind of position actually carries a considerable amount of responsibility. The main job resposibilities are passe ver comfort, different administrative duties, passenger safety and emergency assistance.

Below are some airline that accepts Filipino applicants that graduated the K-12 program

-Air Asia Philippines
-Qatar Airways
-Saudi Airlines
-Oman Air
-Saudi Gulf Airlines

If applying for the position of a flight attendant or cabin crew, you may visit the website of the mentioned airlines and find the career tab to apply, others shows an email addresses to send and others requires you to fill up and attach a document file.

Flight attendants spend their in-flight time serving to the comfort and needs of passengers, the first priority for flight attendants is seeing for everyone's safety and also take the lead in aiding passengers in case of emergencies.

Visit the Facebook page 'Become Flight Attendant Philippines' for more info.



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