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India-like COVID-19 surge 'big possibility' in Philippines if protocols ignored, response not boosted, Duque says


If citizens do not adhere to minimum public health requirements and the pandemic response is not stepped up, the Philippines could experience a surge close to what is currently occurring in India.


After being asked about some health experts' fears that the country might experience a "India-like" spike in COVID-19, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said this in an ANC interview on Friday, April 30.


“if we don’t follow the minimum public health standard, and if we do not intensify our COVID-19 pandemic response, like what has happened in India and also in some other countries where the second or third waves are being experienced, that’s a big possibility,” Duque said.


India, the world's most populated nation, has been experiencing a significant outbreak of infections, with regular reports of record-breaking new cases and multiple deaths.


“This is a lesson we all need to learn about what's going on in other countries; we can't all bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine,” Duque said.


“There’s always ways of doing things better. It’s very dynamic, every day you have to read, every day you have to watch out for what’s happening, what are the best practices, what are the practices that are worth avoiding,” he added.


More than 1 million cases of COVID-19 infections have been reported in the Philippines after more than a year of the pandemic. According to the Department of Health (DOH), there are 1,028,738 confirmed cases, 942,239 recoveries, and 17,145 deaths in the country as of April 29.


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  1. You are to blame on all of this surge Duque. You're incompetency will kill many filipinos . Gov. Gwen Garcia was right about you.


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