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Taiwan Taroko train derailed, all trains stopped operation

The Taiwan Railway said that Taroko derailed at 09:28 on the Chongde=Herenjian East Line (k51+250), 408 passengers were connected by roads at the northern end and 408B from Hualien at the southern end (DMU Ziqiang). All trains stopped at the scene and passed slowly at 5k/h.

According to the report from the railway station, 9081 rescue single machines entered the Dongzheng line to confirm the situation.  In addition, the driver could not be contacted because he was stuck in the carriage and could not move around.

A derailment accident occurred on the main line, cars 2 and 3 were derailed, and cars 3 to 8 were in the tunnel.  It is currently stuck in the Qingshui Tunnel due to the intrusion of the engineering vehicle into the route.  

The Taiwan Railway said that according to the Hualien County Fire Department's report, there were about 350 passengers hitchhiking. During the rescue of 4 to 5 carriages.

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