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Former Dishwasher now a top chef in Dubai


'Never give up and still strive for improvement than the day before,' top Filipino chef Ricardo Bojador advises his fellow overseas Filipino staff.


Ricardo Bojador, then a working student in college pursuing a career in law, sponsored himself by washing dishes at a five-star hotel in Ermita, Manila. “I started out in the kitchen as a dishwasher in one of the five-star hotels, then moved on to fast-food restaurants,” Bojador said.


Bojador, 42 years old and still continues to serve in a five-star hotel, but now as the executive chef of a plush world-class fine-dining restaurant in Dubai.


Bojador, a Bicolano, had to drop out of University of the East – Recto to live full-time and feed his siblings and parents.


To his fellow OFWs, Bojador offers these pieces of advice “Focus on your work. Don’t give up and always try to go beyond what you accomplished the day before. You should have progress every day no matter how small.”


Asked about what it is with Filipinos that needs to be changed, Bojador said “Maybe the mindset needs to be improved. Focus and do not procrastinate. Don’t hesitate when an opportunity presents itself for you to help improve the lives of, and inspire, the people around you. Be happy with the success of your fellows and use it to motivate yourself.”


Bojador said he is a “proud Filipino. A big part of where I am now is rooted in where I started” he said.


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