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Husband dies after saving his wife in Taiwan's train accident


On Saturday, the wife’s one of the victims of train derailment said that her husband saved her life but was unable to save his own.


According to CNA, Lee Chia-hsing's  body was returned to his hometown of Changbin Township in Taitung County on Saturday. Lee and his wife were both construction workers in northern Taiwan and during traditional holidays did the pair return to Taitung.


Lee's wife said that they had been seated on the floor between the fifth and sixth cars, idling their time away by passing a mobile phone between them. When the crash occurred, her partner pushed her, She made it out with only lumbar sprains, but he did not.


Lee's older sister said her brother called her early Friday morning to tell her that he needed to be picked up. She had no idea what awaited her in the shape of her brother's frozen body, she said.


Despite the fact that the county government had set up a memorial service hall in Taitung District, Lee's sister said she chose to take her brother home for the funeral because their family and friends all live in Changbin, which is more than an hour's drive away. “Taking my younger brother home is my promise to him,” she added.


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