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1-year-old girl died after rejected in hospital

According to the story of Jonald Julian the father of the 1-year-old girl, that was their saddest part in life wherein their little angel passed away after rejecting in hospital.

Jonald said on the interview, On Wedenesday Jonalyn is vomitting and sick that's why they immediately go to hospital but cause of many patient they didn't accepts Jonalyn in hospital.

The ambulance is lack of materials that's why the parents of Jonalyn they pump oxygen themselves to help their child to breath. 

Julian said they are waiting in hospital for almost 1 hour, they did not assist the kid and they did not also check the kid if she in critical condition or what. they just walk around in hospital and immediately said they don't have a vacant on hospital.

When they found another hospital its too late because oxygen level of Jonalyn is getting low and the pump of her heart is getting low too until the kid gives up on her life.

They buried immediately because she is COVID-19 suspected but after a month they found out that the kid did not died cause of COVID-19, she died cause of sepsis.


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  1. Bukangbibig na ng taga-hospital basta may dinalang pasyente sasabihing covid19 agad. That's the result of incapability of Sec. Duque that until now he could not implement the law against violations of hospital owners. Until now it's a toothless law never heard anyone who were imprisoned or penalized.


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