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Violators to e-bike users to penalize big, no passenger and no modification allowed

Electric bicycles or E-bike can ride without a driver's licence in Taiwan because they are free from listing and at relatively cheap prices, they have become one of the main modes of transportation for foreign migrants, students and elderly.

Most of these road conditions are for traffic regulations and safety. Knowledge in driving is inadequate, that is why electric bike traffic accidents increase year by year.

A Police Branch Bureau actively targets groups and premises that use electric bicycles (such as foreign migrants, elderly people, students and centralized staff dormitories, etc.) to emphasize the seriousness of accidents and enhancing people's compliance with regulations and self-defense driving concepts.

Riding electric bicycle must follow:

1. Rider need to wear a safety helmet

2. No passenger allowed

3. Drunk driving is prohibited

4. Follow traffic rules

5. No modification


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