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Company to face revocation of permit to hire migrants if handling of cases falls out of standards

The Labor Bureau reminds that once an employee is found to be diagnosed, the factory should immediately assist all employees in general screening, and grasp the results of the screening for follow-up anti-epidemic actions.  

A company risks a fine ranging from NT$60,000 to NT$300,000 and the revocation of its permit to hire migrant workers if its subsequent handling of the case falls short of standards.

"Strict management" should be in place in migrant workers' dormitories and care homes that accommodate seniors.

In accordance with Article 19 of the "Employer’s Permit and Management Measures for Employment of Foreigners", if migrant workers are not properly arranged for home isolation or quarantine, the violation of Article 57, paragraph 9 of the "Employment Service Law" shall be imposed with the said penalty.

Taiwan Secretary of Labor stated that if employers have difficulties in arranging migrant workers to stay in one-person and one-room home isolation, the Labor Bureau can assist the employer to refer the migrant workers to the epidemic prevention and isolation dormitory to avoid group infection caused by multiple people living together.

Workers should pay attention to independent health management.  If someone have relevant symptoms, they must be quickly screened.



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