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Greatek Electronics confirms 9 employees contract COVID-19, about 4,000 more under swab testing


A cluster infection of migrant workers broke out in the large IC packaging and testing factory Greatek Electronics in its Miaoli plant.. 9 employees were diagnosed of COVID-19.

The company immediately conducted a quick large-scale screening of 4,000 internal employees.

Greatek Electronics has 3 factories in Taiwan with 4,000 employees, of which 1,000 are foreign migrant workers. 

Greatek prohibited the staff from each plant to close contact each other. During the work period, employees are also required to wear masks throughout the process and perform disinfection every 2 hours.  

Greatek Electronics said that the source of infection is still being clarified, and it is not ruled out that it is a cross-group infection among migrant workers.

A large-scale quick screening has been launched and the screening is expected to be completed within 4 days.

Chaofeng Electronics stated that there are 4 independent buildings in the Zhunan plant, and it has already implemented diversion to work at the beginning of the year. Since May, it has also


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