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Discover And Feel Feesh At The Full Bloom Of Pink Lotus Farm In Taichung

The "Jiang Hehua Farm" in Taichung covers a good amount of area of plants with nearly 15,000 pink lotus. The place surely attract a large number of locals and tourists to enjoy flowers during the flowering of Pink Lotus from June to October every year.

The best way to visit the farm is in the afternoon sun. The sea of flowers adds a romantic atmosphere, as if in a European garden.

The pink lotus are native from Thailand and is also known as the "Tropical Tulip" because it looks like a tulip and a lotus flower. It is known as a tropical flower for many years. 

Pink lotus are suitable for growing in a warm and humid climate that is why they blood during the summer days in Taiwan. 

Visitors can take a close look at the field. In order to keep the park clean, there is a minimum entrance fee that costs NT$30 per person and you can also buy flowers for home decoration for NT$100 per bouquet.

Pink lotus are currently in full bloom and it is more beautiful in person than you can ever imagine. The flowers will continue to bloom beutifully as days pass by, families, friends and couples will definitely enjoy the place with abundant of photo opportunities in the flower farm.

Waipu Jiang Hehua Farm(Farm name in Chinese: 外埔薑荷花農場)
Visit fee: NT$30 for farm maintenance
Farm Address: No. 26, Liuzhixiang Road, Waipu District, Taichung City, Taiwan
(Farm address in Chinese: 台中市外埔區六支巷路26號)

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