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Pinkholic: Pop-Up Store Where Everything Is Pink Features Hello Kitty And Friends In Hsinchu

Every girl’s heart will surely burst into happiness. The Pinkaholic Pop Up Store is now open and available in Grand Plaza of Hsinchu City. The store is on its tour coming from Kaohsiung and Taipei bringing it closer in the city.

The Pinkaholic Pop Up Store is only a limited event in Hsinchu that will last until September 29, 2019 then it will transfer to other area. The whole store is very much picturesque and have your pose to every corner of beautifully crafted store, there is a Pink Bus Pavilion, Pink Net Beauty Wall”, a “Pink Supermarket” and others.

The store features Hello Kitty for its 45th Anniversary together with Melody and its other Sanrio friends. Everything in the store is colored Pink which the products are limited and can only bought in the shop only. Get ready to snap lots of pictures inside and outside of the store.

The shop consists of several dolls and stuff toys, bags, phone holders and many more which are decorated in pink pastel color and have good styles. If you love to collect items specially hello kitty or sanrio characters or anything pink, this store is a must for you.

The Pinkaholic Pop Up Store is located at B1F Grand Plaza in Hsinchu City with a city address of 91-2 Nanya Street, North District, Hsinchu City. The store is open from Monday to Friday 11:00am to 10:00pm and Satuday and national holiday from 10:30am to 10:00pm. (Location name and address in Chinese: 新竹大魯閣湳雅廣場B1F新竹市北區湳雅街91-2號)

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