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Fireworks Display Set For Chinese Valentines Day In Yanping Riverside In Taipei

The annual Valentine's Day fireworks event will be held at the Dapeng Yu Yanping Riverside Park in Datong District of Taipei from August 3rd to 4th. The most eye-catching Valentine's Day fireworks show every year is planning for a 480 seconds (8minutes) firework show.  

The second firework show with love as the theme of the event and combined with 9 folk songs, it will be casts at the waters of the 3-5 Watergate of the riverside on the evening of August 3 at 08:00pm to create the most romantic Valentine's night.

The Taipei City Government Tourism and Communication Bureau is now exposed the Dadaocheng Valentine's Day Fireworks Show simulation video. In the relaeased video, you can see the love symbols and the musical note-shaped fireworks, which will bloom in the night sky. 

It will be a 480 seconds of fireworks show, combined with music performances, it will surely be a romantic lover's night. Chinese valentine's day is also called Qixi Festival.

You may also visit some popular site around the area like Daodaocheng Wharf, Dihua Street Commercial District, Yongle Market, Ningxia Night Market, and Xiahai City God Temple which are just nearby Yanping Riverside.

Note: Traffic road parking space will be cancelled,  pay more attention to the public and take the public transportation to the event site.

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