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Check out the new 7-Eleven themed store in Taipei’s Ximending, can print customized shirt

Taipei’s Ximending has a lot of new spots and one of them is the Open Dreamworld Special Store of 7-Eleven which officially opened this moth of June 2020. It will be the first convenience store that can customize T-shirts.

The 7-ELEVEN Hanzhong Store in the Ximending business district transformed into a family oriented store as the main axis, using bright yellow-green contrasting colors, a variety of popular music elements and using multicolor light tubes, style iron frame, etc.

The biggest highlight of the whole store is the customized T-shirt experience area. People can choose their favorite OPEN Dreamworld characters and T-shirt sizes. There are six sizes of XS ~ 2XL.

Customers can choose Enter the English text to be printed and wait for 20 minutes on the spot to be your own unique OPEN! customized exclusive T-shirts to take home.


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