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Fake "Made in Taiwan" face masks spotted in Philippines which were originally came from China

Fake face masks from China claiming to be made in Taiwan were found in the Philippines, adding to the communist country's bad reputation in manufacturing quality masks.

The fake masks are being sold in boxes with a brandname of AiDeLai and with a simplified Chinese and English description,  saying that the items are "anti-bacterial, able to keep out smells, dust, smog, sunlight, and can block PM2.5 particulates."

The masks also come with a certificate claiming that the protective gear was manufactured by "Taibei Rongyi Textile Co.," with the place of origin falsely specified as "Taiwan, China."

Aside from the obvious and wrongly spelled Taiwanese capital "Taipei," it was also noted that there is no existing Rongyi Textile Co. in the island country. However, a company called Rongyi Textile Co. was located in China's Jiangsu province.

Photos of the fake masks were uploaded by Facebook user beargotraveling last June 11, to warn all Filipinos. Last April, the same counterfeits were found in Japan and drew attention online.


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