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Employer boss in Taoyuan grants NT$1,500 each to its 500 migrant workers

Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp in Zhongli and Guanyin districts has given NT$1,500 (US$50) to each of his approximately 500 migrant workers this week to promote spending and help revitalize the economy.

"Whenever there is a lack of orders, it is always the migrant workers who bear the brunt because they have their overtime work hours cut," said Charles Chiang (江集斌), human resources manager at the company.

The cash subsidies to its more than 500 migrant workers working in its production plants in Taoyuan. A total of NT$780,000 in cash was given to the migrant workers.

"However, there is a belief at the company that we should treat migrant workers just like our own people, so that is why our chairman came up with the idea of distributing the money," Chiang added in interview with CNA.

The management decided to give the money to its migrant workers because they are the ones most affected by the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 new coronavirus pandemic.

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