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Check out this stuffed shrimp avocado sandwich from Subway in Taiwan

Avocado and shrimp stuffed together! SUBWAY, which focuses on low-calorie and healthy fast food, is the favorite of many fitness people and health conscious and it is the world's largest chain fast food brand. Subway’s best-selling "Avocado Shrimp" in Japan finally made its debut under strong demand in Taiwan.

The "avocado" with a dense taste and a unique aroma is a nutritious vegetable and fruit. Whether it is made into avocado pudding milk or salted, it can capture the favor of a avocado.

The new product also launched the "SUBWAY Fresh Shrimp Feast", which has the "Double Satisfaction Shrimp Fort", with super fresh sweet shrimp fills your mouth, which is very satisfying.

Subway selects the best quality prawns, pinkish-red prawns, bouncy and firm, fresh and juicy, seasoning with Wasabi mayonnaise, putting them in the fresh baked soft bread together with the cheese, our smooth avocado, and plenty of crunchy and juicy vegetables. 

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