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Migrant workers makes Taipei Main Station lobby a picnic ground, sparks controversy and anger

The Taipei Main Station Hall is in another issue, a netizen took pictures of the exaggerated grouping situation in the lobby sparking a controversy anew. 

The crowd not only sat on the ground, they even prepared their own meal making look it like a picnic ground. There was even a full box of beer, making the netizen curious to ask that "Can we have a picnic in the hall now?” 

The photo also ignited the anger of other netizens.  In response to this, Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has coordinated with the railway police to strengthen security against gatherings and eating.

Regarding the behavior of gathering eating and drinking in the lobby, TRA had cooperated with the railway police to strengthen security against such actions.

TRA posted photos of staff and volunteers asking people gathered in the lobby to follow social distancing rules to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.


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