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Taipei ranked 8th smartest city in global index, Manila ranked 104th out of 109 countries

Taiwan capital Taipei ranked 8th smartest city in the 2020 Smart City Index while Philippine capital drops and ranked at 104th. Taipei drops from 7th to 8th and Manila drops from 94th to 104th out of 109 countries.

Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich have come top in the 2020 Smart City Index, in a year that saw many European cities fall in the rankings. 

The Smart City Index ranks cities based on economic and technological data, as well as by their citizens’ perceptions of how “smart” their cities are.

"It is of course too early to draw final lessons from COVID. However, it is clear that we are at a critical juncture, where the health crisis is still very much with us, while the economic and social crisis that it will entail has hardly started," Bruno Lanvin, President of the IMD Smart City Observatory, said in a statement published on the IMD website.

Lausanne-based IMD surveyed more than 13,000 people in 109 cities, who were questioned about how they perceived the impact of technology in five areas: health/safety, mobility, activities, opportunities and governance.

On the top 10 list, Auckland, Oslo, Copenhagen and Geneva were ranked from fourth to seventh, ahead of Amsterdam and New York in ninth and 10th place.


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