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Hotel in Kaohsiung violates health safety by mixing quarantining individuals with regular guests


The known Jen Dow International Hotel located in Southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung has violated COVID-19 health and safety protocols by accommodating 35 guests undergoing their quarantine with their regular guests.

The hotel was accepting guests who had recently returned from abroad and were undergoing their 14-day quarantine, the Kaohsiung Health Department said. 35 recent arrivals were spread out on different floors in rooms adjacent to those occupied by normal guests.

It is not a government-certified place of lodging for quarantining individuals and that its violation has clearly raised the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

The hotel was in violation of the Communicable Disease Control Act and will receive fines between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000, according to the health department.

Meanwhile, it said the 35 quarantined guests will be transferred to officially designated locations to complete their isolation.

Jen Dow International Hotel sits right at the intersection of Jiouru 1st Road and Dachang 2nd Road in downtown Kaohsiung. 


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