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Parts of Taiwan to drop 16℃ temperature as cold air strengthen

Northern Taiwan will turn dry and cold, it will get colder later, and the lowest will be 16 degrees on weekend morning.

The northeast wind will strengthen amd rainfall in Greater Taipei and the eastern half will become more sporadic and cloudy in other areas. There will be some short showers in the mountains.

Taiwan temperatures in various regions are as follows: 17 to 23 degrees in the north, 18 to 30 degrees in central, 20 to 31 degrees in the south, and 18 to 29 degrees in the east.

From Monday night (Nov 2) to next Thursday (5th), the northeast wind strengthened, and the northern Taiwan became wet and cool.

Additionaly, the another typhoon which is the 7th in Taiwan, its path is still very uncertain, the impact on Taiwan needs to be continuously observed. (Photo: Taiwan News)


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