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OFW in Changhua used a knife to snatch and grabs more than NT$10,000 in a supermarket

A Filipino migrant worker who was suspected of lack of money to spend, went to a supermarket to grabs more than NT$10,000 with a knife.

After the robbery, he changed his clothes and covered his head with clothes to avoid the monitor. However, he forgot to cover his face during the robbery and was photographed by the monitor, the police immediately arrested the migrant worker.

The police said: "He wears a mask." At two o'clock in the morning, he was wearing a black jacket and trousers while looking around the supermarket. After confirming that there were no other customers in the supermarket, he took a fruit knife into the supermarket.  

He ran away while changing his trousers into shorts and after taking off his coat, he used clothes to cover head and hide in the construction site.

Back to the dormitory in Fangyuan, Changhua County, he deliberately ran and spent more than 1,600 yuan in fare, plus cross-dressing, thinking that he could evade investigation, but forgot that his face was not covered.

Police investigation said that the Filipino is working in a textile factory. It was suspected of lack of money to spend, so he went to a supermarket to snatch it when he was on vacation. After the investigation, he was transferred to justice for the crime of robbery.


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