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Production of face mask in Taiwan projected to exceed 12-million per day by 2nd week of March

The Ministry of Economic Affairs says by March 9th, all 60 new assembly lines for face masks will be able to start operations and combined with the existing lines, they will produce 10 million masks a day in total.

Additionally, MOEA provide another 30 production lines will be put together and the daily output will reach 12 to 13 million a day.

The construction of a new production line usually takes six months, but the process has been expedited to 20 to 30 days due to urgent demand.

Current daily production of mask is 6.2 million per day according to Ho Chin-tsang director-general of the MOEA and Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA).

Lining up for face masks may no longer be necessary soon in Taiwan.


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