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Taiwan to track down undocumented migrant workers after case of illegal Indo caregiver

Taiwan's Ministry of Labor (MOL) announced that it has designed a search system in collaboration with the National Immigration Agency to track down undocumented migrant workers in Taiwan and will soon put it to practice.

The system can check the employment or residency status of migrant workers who accompany their employers to seek care at hospitals according to the deputy director-general of the MOL's Workforce Development Agency.

This comes after the illegal Indonesian migrant worker, Taiwan's 32nd case of coronavirus infection, was hired to help take care of an elderly man in the hospital and was confirmed to have COVID-19 a few days after the man was diagnosed with the virus. 

The Indonesian caregiver had overstayed its visa and working illegally from employers. Taiwan will also track down the brokers who permits this kind of doing.

MOL will still cooperate with police and immigration agencies for the routine investigation of undocumented workers, CNA reported.


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