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Study: Coronavirus could damage male reproductive system and cause infertility

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 disease may lead to damage a male's reproductive system and can cause infertilifty according to the new Chinese study.

A scientific research project which found that the disease not only damages the lungs, but also the kidneys and testes, potentially leading to male infertility.

The study was made by Fan Caibin a urologist at Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Suzhou Hospital which he posted last February 12.

The research team summarized the clinical data of three previous studies, which included six patients, 41 patients, and 99 patients, respectively.

The  team used an online dataset to analyze the expression of Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2), the receptor the virus uses as its host which affect the male urinary tract and reproductive system.

Their results indicate that the virus may directly bind to ACE2 positive cells and inflict damage to patients' kidney and testicular tissue which may lead to infertility.

Check the context of the study here.


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