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Taipei MRT to avoid entry of passengers having 37.5 degrees body temperature

Taiwan on Saturday (Feb 29) confirmed 5 new cases of coronavirus that brings the total to 39, with this, Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) said that it would not allow passengers with 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Those having 37.5 degrees Celcius and above in body temperature will not be allowed to board the train, the infrared temperature scanner will do the work in measuring body temperature.

If the system records a temperature between 37.5 C and 38 C, the passenger will be check again using a handheld thermometer or forehead temperature scanner.

If still in between temperature, the passenger  will be advised to seek immediate medical attention, Appledaily reported.

While those having 38 degrees in body temperature will be automatically refused from entering the MRT station and will be forwarded to a hospital.

The infrared scanners will stay in the stations until the epidemic ends. Infrared scanners will also installed at TRA and HSR of Taiwan.


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