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'Very fierce' second wave of COVID-19 to come in colder months: Taiwanese expert

An infectious disease specialist from Taiwan warned the public last April, that a "very fierce" second wave of coronavirus transmission may take place during the colder weather when most of the people are vulnerable of the respiratory infections.

According to Dr. Mei-Shang Ho, president of the Taiwan Health Corporation, the southern hemisphere of the globe is presently experiencing the peak of the pandemic while it is slowing down in the northern hemisphere because of the warmer temperature.

"But the second wave will come. How soon? It's hard for me to say. Definitely in the fall or winter, one would experience a very fierce second wave," Ho told ANC.

She added that "the virus probably doesn’t go away," even though only few cases  may be reported during the summer.

"It might silently transmit among mild, asymptomatic cases in such a way that where it might seed in the community is unknown," she said.

Ho also shared that come next year, a COVID-19 vaccine  may be available with reasonable amount for use as researchers around the globe render massive efforts and resources for a vaccine to be developed.

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