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99.9% of population in Taiwan are covered with health insurance

Taiwan has provided universal health coverage to 99.9% of the population through a single payer system on its National Health Insurance (NHI) program. The NHI program in Taiwan has successfully provided universal and quality healthcare to the people at affordable costs.

The program has been focusing on ensuring care for the socially and economically disadvantaged people, making sure that everyone is covered, and improving on healthcare quality.

Health care in Taiwan is quite affordable: total healthcare expenditure accounts only for about 5.9% of GDP, lower than most of the OECD countries, and slightly more than half of it were spent on the NHI.

Taiwan’s NHI is a compulsory program, even expats and migrant workers must register to the program.Approximately 93% of all health care facilities were contracted by the NHI system to provide healthcare services.

Taiwan is a major market for U.S. medical device exports and is ranked among the top 25 in the world in terms of value.

The benefit package is comprehensive; all medically necessary services are covered. The package covers inpatient, outpatient, dental services, traditional Chinese medicine, and maintains a very long list of nearly 16,000 items of prescription drugs.

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