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Why Doc. Willie Ong is our mothers' and lolas' favorite doctor in social media?

A few years back, when I saw my in-laws both now in their 70s watching a YouTube video on the advantages of drinking lemon and calamansi wine, at first came across the name Doc Willie Ong.

Doc Willie's mom, Doc Liza, kept the said fruits in that video while providing her own reviews here and there, I have not paid much attention, they've probably been offering advice that I already know.

My Mother-In-Law would remind me every now and then to drink hot water rather than ice, a suggestion she received from Doc Willie. She will tell me, "It's good for your throat and helps with your digestion," I found the tips meaningless and concluded that my well-being will have little or no effect.

Then 2020 came at the height of the pandemic, I went through a series of health complications which I attributed to fatigue, inadequate diet, a sedentary lifestyle, Acid reflux, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and UTI were present. I had a bad case of a sore neck, and was practically crawling out of bed in considerable agony. I was still nervous for a while when, after a cough, I lost my sense of smell.

That was when I began to search for tips online that could help keep my health back on track, which brought me to the YouTube website of Doc Willie Ong. For the first time, it was like meeting him. I considered it realistic, supportive, and quick to understand his tips. He sounded non-threatening, like most clinicians, only politely describing what needed to be done. My mother-in-law, no wonder.

Our mothers and lolas, now more health-conscious than they used to be, are potentially eating more of the contents of Doc Willie than the new teleserye harvest. My mother-in-law, Pressie Grana, says she loves how the doctor describes the illnesses and gives advice about how to prevent and treat them in a manner that is easy to understand for an average citizen.

“He is a good and a religious man. Siya ay mabait, at matulungin sa kapwa. Maraming mga mahihirap, mga walang pambayad sa doktor o kaya’y mga taong nasa ibang bansa, ang patuloy na sumusubaybay sa kanya dahil sa mga praktikal na solusyon. Ang kanyang mga payo backed up na rin ng siyensya dahil sya’y totoong doktor by profession,” my MIL adds.

Veronica Salongcay, 65, who has been an ardent follower of Doc Willie and Doc Liza for two years, says she likes the manner in which the doctors discuss an otherwise scary topic. “Gentle sila magsalita at magalang. Matiyaga niyang ipinapaliwanag, kasi hindi naman lahat nakakaintindi ng mga medical terms.”


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