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Single mom wins NT$1million in Taiwan's scratch card lottery

A single mother in Taipei recently won NT$1 million in a scratch card lottery, and she vowed to "give back to society" once she has paid the medical fees for treatment of her son's heart condition, Taiwan Lottery Corp. said Wednesday.

According to the company, the woman lives near a lottery store on Xinglong Road, which she visits frequently to chat with the employees.

She often expressed worry about her finances, as she suffers from chronic illnesses and has a son who requires major heart surgery to treat a recently diagnosed condition, the company said, citing the store's employees.

On the evening of Jan. 16, the woman bought a NT$100 scratch lottery card and a NT$2,000 card for a scratch lottery game that has a jackpot of NT$20 million, the company said.

When she realized she had won NT$1 million on the second card, she broke down in tears and fervently thanked the store employees, saying she would no longer have to worry about her son's medical fees.

The woman vowed to "give back to society" once she has paid for her son's surgery and he makes a good recovery, the company said. -Central News Agency



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