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OWWA Started Processing Rebate Claims Of Its 556,000 Qualified Members

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) already started processing the rebate claim of its 556,000 qualified members. The rebate claims could be accessed at OWWA’s website which is the official website for rebate applications only.

To qualify in the rebate program, a OFW must be a OWWA member for at least 10years and have at least five (5) or more contributions made as of December 2017 and the applicant and its family members has not availed yet any program or benefit from OWWA.

OWWA members can check in the website if they are qualified for the rebate program and can set appointment to their nearest OWWA office or any office of their choice.

According to OWWA, qualified beneficiaries must present the appointment code that will sent via SMS after setting an appointment to their chosen OWWA office and must bring required documents.

After verification, qualified members must provide bank details where OWWA can deposit the rebate amount. An amount between P941.25 up to P13,177.50 can be refund based on the number of contributions.

OWWA has released P1billion for the first phase of its program and will release another P2billion in its second phase.


  1. I'm qualified for this benefits.. Ofw for more than 10 yrs,

  2. I'm qualified for this benefits I'm ofw for more than 15 yrs. ��


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