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Strawberry Champorado, a new hit in Baguio City for tourists and residents

Tourists and residents alike may enjoy the new strawberry champorado offered by Le Monet hotel in Camp John Hay in Baguio City. A bowl of strawberry champorado costs P99.

According to Jeffrey Santos, the inventor of the dish in the hotel, due to the rainy season Filipinos like to eat warm foods in Baguio. Instead of the traditional chocolate flavor, they mix it up with strawberries making it one of a kind.
Public Domain pic of Strawberry Champorado

He managed to give the ingredients of the delightful food which include strawberries, strawberry syrup, coconut milk, milk and white chocolate.

People always flock to the summer capital of the Philippines even it is not summer. Baguio cuisine is one of the reasons why Filipinos always visit Baguio City.

Netizens are craving for the strawberry champorado and put it in their food to eat when they come to Baguio City in any seasons and some will go right away just to review and take the verdict of the new found food.


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