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Taiwan introduced the lovely yellow banana inspired Jiji railway train in Nantou

The lovely bright yellow train called the Jiji train line in Nantou County, Taiwan was painted with a theme of banana. Jiji village is one of the rich producing areas of mountain bananas in Taiwan. The painted trains are made of bright yellow and made designed of bananas.

Get on, sit by the window and move with the train, enjoy the scenes, gather the vast mountain scenery and the simple scenery is super healing. The average interval per shift of the designed banana train is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The Tourism Bureau retained the works of Russian illustrators Kajia Катя Молодцова and Jiang Mengzhi.

Taking a Jiji Line train brings you to the base of Taiwan’s soaring central mountains and close to its geographical center. The Jiji railway offers a panorama of the horticultural industry of central Taiwan, and the lives of those of whom it has sustained for generations

Along the Jiji train line, you can visit the following tourist spots:

1. Checheng Wood Museum
2. Shuili Snake Kiln Ceramics Park
3. Jiji Wuchang Temple
4. Jiji Military History Park
5. Jiji Green Tunnel
6. Daguan Power Station
7. Mingxin Academy
8. Old Residence of Hsieh Tung-min


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