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Taiwan's National Day Fireworks Display On 10/10 To Last 42minutes In Pingtung County

On the evening of October 10 this year (2019), the National Day fireworks will be cast in the Old Railway Bridge Park in Pingtung County. The fireworks expected to be cast for 42 minutes, which will be the longest casting time in history of firework display on a National holiday.

The central government is responsible for the deployment of fireworks while the local area is responsible for transportation and activities.

The holiday will also include the performance of the Intel drones with matching music and exclusive performances of Taiwan artists.

The fireworks will be cast in between 7:40pm to 8:00 pm that will last for 42minutes. Sit and relax, have some snacks while enjoing the fireworks display on October 10, 2019.

Meanwhile, the evening party will take place at Taoyuan right after the fireworks display.

Additionally, Pingtung local leader Pan won the first place in the government and city chiefs' satisfaction of local leaders survey made by Common Wealth Magazine.

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