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Solar Power Plant Designed Like An Adorable Panda In A 250-acre Farm

A solar power plant in Datong China has its solar panels lined up and shape like a panda made by China Merchants New Energy Group. The firm is one of those largest clean energy operators.

The solar project is delivering power in northwestern China, this project is called Panda Power Plant. It is a 50-megawatt solar power plant and it can produce 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours of solar energy in the next 25 years.

The China Merchants New Energy Group has collaborated with United Nations Development Program to make the panda power plant a reality. The group is considering having its 2nd panda power plant soon it is planned to expand for more renewable energy.

This project aims to raise effort among young people about having clean energy. The solar power plant will eliminate million tons of coal reducing carbon emission by 2.74 million tons, speaking of clean and recyclable energy.

The Panda Power plant will stretch at 1.5k acres when totally completed and the group plans to build more panda power plant in the next five years.

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