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Visit the amusing displays at the 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival

The 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival themed on "New Landscape “ started its show and will run until September 22, 2019. 

The festival features 34 artworks created by domestic and foreign artists, five forums, 40 luminarie shows, and 200 events including workshops and international art exchanges.

The annual event current held at Bade District, Taoyuan, where the Dainan Military Camp, once the Special Police First Headquarters, will serve as the core exhibition area supported by surrounding pond areas.

There are two subsidiary exhibition areas at the Taoyuan Children's Art Museum in Qingpu and the Xipo Pond Ecology Park as well as exhibition at Bade Pond and Eco Park will also be presented.

Taoyuan Land Art Festival based on the concept of “Protecting the Present and Striving for a Better Future,” will explore, recall, interpret, exhibit and rediscovery different aspects of “landscape.”

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