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New study findings shows coronavirus could be transmitted through contaminated feces

Chinese researchers have found the coronavirus that has set off a global panic could suggest another way the virus is being transmitted.

Scientists have discovered that fecal samples from patients infected with the novel coronavirus also have tested positive for the virus, reported by China Daily.

Meaning it is highly possible that the live virus can exist and spread through contaminated fecal matter, the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen said.

Apart from droplets or direct physical contact, coronavirus could be spread through "feces-to-mouth" transmission.

The findings suggest preventing the virus from spreading has gotten more challenging because there is another way it can be transmitted according to Shih Shin-ru head of the Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections at Chang Gung University.

Researchers said they are conducting further research into this revelation by isolating viruses from the stools. They also urged the public to pay attention to personal hygiene in addition to wearing a face mask and washing hands as preventive measures.


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