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Taiwan military soldiers to be dispatched to work and expedite on mask production

Taiwan’s armed forces and soldiers will be dispatched to surgical mask production lines and factories to help expedite the manufacturing process as demands soars amid coronavirus outbreak.

The manpower workforce of soldiers is upon the request of Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center, Central News Agency reported. Soldiers will help to mobilize the production of mask and other protective gears.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan approved a plan to build 62 lines to produce 6 million surgical masks a day adding up the current 4 million from local factories in Taiwan.

All face masks in Taiwan will be sold at NT$6 per piece to assist all in the country against spread of the virus as announced by MOEA and now effective since February 1.

Taiwan has temporarily banned the export of a range of masks. Anyone caught smuggling mask will be panlalized.

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