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ASE enters supply chain for Apple's 5G iPhones and iPads products for 2020

Taiwan's backend leader Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) has reportedly enter the supply chain for Apple's mmWave 5G iPhones and 5G iPads, according to technology sources.

ASE will use its substrate-based FC_AiP (flip chip antenna-in-package) technology. One mmWave 5G iPhone will require 3-4 AiP modules.

Apart from ASE, TSMC is already contracted by Apply to fabricate mmWave 5G iPhone APs and two FC_AIP modules to be made by ASE.

Sources confirmed that mmWave 5G iPads will be among Apple's new product. The sources said mmWave 5G iPads are likely to adopt all cost-effective FC_AiP modules.

ASE may see its FC_AiP technology to have a capacity running at high utilization this 2020, especially after mmWave 5G iPhones or even 5G iPads are rolled out in the second half of the year, according to sources.


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