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Employers are mandatory to give masks to migrant caretakers in Taiwan

Employers are mandatory to provide surgical masks to migrant workers who works as caregivers Taiwan according to Ministry of Labor, Taiwan News reported.

Caretakers or caregivers visits to hospitals or other medical institutions must be given surgical masks by employers.

Employers who decline will be subject to a fine of between NT$60,000 (US$1,981) and NT$300,000, risk annulment of their recruitment permits, and face a two-year ban on applying for permits to hire foreign workers.

Employers should ensure the safety and health of their foreign employees by providing masks to those working as carers said MOL as accordance to the Employment Service Act.

It also responsibility of employer toe educate their laborers regarding the ongoing epidemic crisis of coronavirus. For further information, anyone can call the 1955 labor hotline or 1922 disease prevention hotline.


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