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President Tsai ordered to ramped up production of masks to release 4.2million pieces per day

Taiwan Pesident Tsai Ing-wen estimates 4.2-million surgical masks per day will be released to the public in order to meet nationwide demand due to the current coronavirus outbreak worldwide, Taiwan News reported.

Tsai said relevant government agencies will purchase the masks and distribute them at a set price and officials will also be monitoring surgical mask production and storage levels.

Convenience stores are currently selling a maximum of three surgical masks per person at the price of NT$8 (US$0.26) a piece. The president also warns that individuals or groups that hoard or sell surgical masks at unfair prices will be targeted.

According to the epidemic response command center 1.4-million of the masks set for release from today will be given to civil servants and medical personnel.

Relevant government departments would procure the masks and distribute them at a set price while keeping a close eye on production and storage levels.


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