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Health Experts: It Is Normal To Fart 17-23 Times Per Day And Its Good For The Body

In an episode of Pinoy MD, according to oncologist Dr. Isaac David Ampil II, farting too much within a day is normal. The doctor added that fating is part of the normal process of digestion.

It is normal to fart 17-23 times a day (once per 80mins). "Farting is a normal process of digestion," according to Dr. Ampil. "So normal naman talaga ang pag-utot pero 'pag sumobra siya, it may be a sign na may problema ka sa digestion," he added.

In case that you fart more than the usual, it could be a sign that your diet has too much complex carbohydrates like potatoes, gas is released when complex carbohydrates are digested. Ampil advised to cut down intake of potatoes if farting becomes unusual.

Others considered farting is embarrassing but it is natural occurrence and it is healthy and good for anyone’s body. It is good that this gas must be released, if not you could experience being uncomfortable or painful bloating.

Farting has its benefits like it tells you that you diet is properly balanced, it certainly reduces abdominal pain, improves colon health, reduces bloating and it identifies food allergies and intolerances.


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