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Encounter The Longest Indoor Rainbow Slide In Asia Found In Taiwan

Experience the longest indoor rainbow slide at Wax Art Crayon Castle. The whole area is at indoors, therefore no need to worry about the hot summer or rainy days of Taiwan. The "Crayon Rainbow Slide" inside the vicinity is the highest indoor slide in Asia.

Safety considerations is the top priority for everyone who will brave enought to slide down. The slide has a 27-meter height and 68-meter long colorful rainbow slide and is a must experience visiting Yilan. 

There are also a number of DIY courses for children and also for adults which is good for families. The enjoyment  is very full and the adults and children play together.

Wax Art Crayon Castle is a popular tourist attraction in Yilan and it is a must visit. You can experience many DIY courses, such as windmill, color pen DIY, multi-color crayons DIY, body painting and other free activities, the finished DIY works can be taken home.  

Photo opportunities is also good and enjoy the variety of themed backgrounds. Regular entrance tickets priced at NT$250 for the whole package, children and elderly have special discounts. 

For DIY only tickets costs: NT$150 for a handbook which includes four DIY and wax art products if you are into artworks. For Slide experience only costs NT$130 and will trim down to NT$60 after August 2019 since the slide still has hot opening. (Photos: UDN)

The attraction has business hours from 8:30am to 06:00pm and its last ticketing time is at 04:30pm, make sure to visit as early to enjoy the place. Visit Wax Art Crayon Castle (蜡藝蠟筆城堡) at No. 500, Haishan West Road, Su'ao Township, Yilan County (Chinese address: 宜蘭縣蘇澳鎮海山西路500號)


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