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Philippines as the only ASEAN country that meets full standards against human trafficking

The Philippines is the only ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) country that ranked Tier 1 in the U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report for the year 2019.

Ranking at Tier1 means the Philippines fully meets the standards of eradicating or eliminating human trafficking under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA).

The Tier1 ranking given to the Philippines has its 4 years in a row since 2016 and still the only nation in Southeast Asia placed in higher rankings.

The achievement is credited to the shared effort of government agencies that investigates and prosecutes human traffickers. The agencies also on the look of migrant workers from cross-border trafficking and illegal recruitment.

Philippines is known for its Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) that scattered all over the world. With such huge number of OFW, battling human trafficking is a serious act to provide but still managed to do it.

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