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Bus Conductor Climbs Over Passengers Ala Spider-Man To Collect Fares

Bus fares are commonly collected by bus conductors in the Philippines, looks like an easy job right? Though buses tends to be overcrowded specially during rush hour and even the aisle are occupied by standing passengers.

A photo uploaded by Rene Rivera circulating in social media showing bus conductor climbing the bus’ overhead railing, can we say the spiderman bus conductor.

The post has been shared all over social media a thousand times and counting. With most of netizens have given the conductor the monicker ‘Spider-Man’ because of how he’s able to move above the passengers and in the railings just to collect the fares. 

That is how dedicated the bus conductor to its job. The viral post of also opened a topic showing the lackluster transportation system in the Philippines. 

Even the reactions may be laugh or be amazed, there still a question of 'When we will have that good and efficient transportation system in the Philippines?'

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