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Recruitment of Filipinos via 3rd country is illegal and unathorized by POEA

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) always issue warning to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who are already employed in foreign posts but are being targeted by illegal recruiter or those criminal syndicates to move to other areas.

OFWs who are presently employed urged to be more careful about accepting offers of employment in another country. ko

There are several reports that after leaving their previous employer to accept another job for the 3rd country. Recruiters promised for a better job and good pay in other country specifically in Europe and Western countries.

Third-country recruitment is illegal because the recruiter and the employer have no license to recruit Filipino workers because they do not have any authority from the POEA. 

Most probably, the conditions of employment are not what one had in mind; worse, the offered job does not really exist. Labor authorities have warned lots of jobseekers against falling prey to illegal recruiters from a third country.

The victims of the illegal recruiters learned that the promised jobs are either did not pay well, came with poor work conditions, sudden contract termination, suffer abuse from the employer or worse a job that doesn't exist at all.

According to reports, the recruiters  from a third country are accomoanied with Filipino co-conspirators. Lacking legal protection because they are undocumented workers made by illegal recruiters and the victims end up being deported.

Recruiting jobseekers from a third country is considered a form of illegal recruitment if the recruiter or employer has no prior authorization for that operation from the Philippine government.

For the sake of own protection, applicants for jobs in foreign countries should get the proper work permit, visa or employment contract must be approved by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and processed by the POEA.

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